Rumbling Bald Friendship & Fun Group


What is Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group?

Recently your HOA Board of Directors met and had a serious discussion regarding the need to update many aspects of the HOA! We felt a need to consult with the services of a highly qualified marketing professional. We have had a profusion of communications, idea exchanges and in partnership with Teri Coutu of her own company, Teric Enterprises Solutions, are proud to announce the following changes!

  • A new moniker clearly defining who we are and eliminating the continuous confusion with the accepted definition of Home Owner’s Associations by many!

    1. The new name is Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group which in a “nutshell” is what we stand for and aspire to engender, friends and fun events!

    2. This website which offers more current information updates and many other conveniences to our membership!

    3. A paypal account accessible on this website for prepayment of events, payment of yearly dues for new members and renewal fees for existing members!

  • Additionally, relative to the latter, an online application to be filled out and auto forwarded to the proper board members for data base updates and also a member info change capability likewise forwarded to the board members that keep these records!<

    1. A resource page which will list partners of your new group interested in offering goods and or services to members (exclusively) oft time with a special offer.

    2. A new Facebook page which will also provide information and more for members offering them an opportunity to comment and have their questions answered.

    3. Continuing efforts to have as many events at resort venues as possible depending on negotiating the best value to our members and maintaining the relationship with our members that are all owners at different levels of the Property Owners Association.

We are excited about these changes all intended to provide our members with a better experience and expotential return on their “investment” of $35 per household. We hope you maintain your membership and enjoy the value of the Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group; and for new property owners considering membership take the next step and join us and join the Friendship and Fun! Randy Snyder, President of the Rumbling Bald Friendship and Fun Group